Company Information

4DMedical is an Australian-based medical technology company, commercialising four-dimensional lung imaging solutions.

4DMedical was incorporated in 2012 to acquire imaging platform, XV Technology™, and associated intellectual property, from Monash University where it was originally conceived in 2005 and developed by CEO, Andreas Fouras, and his former research group.

4DMedical’s XV Technology™ is the first FDA cleared respiratory imaging solution that utilises mathematical models and algorithms to convert sequences of X-ray images into four-dimensional quantitative data. XV Technology™ is the result of over 15 years of development and published preclinical and clinical studies. The technology has been extensively patented, with core patents granted in key jurisdictions including the United States and Australia.

4DMedical considers its market opportunity to be supplementing or replacing existing respiratory diagnostic modalities. In 2019, more than US$31 billion was spent on respiratory diagnostics across more than 377 million procedures globally.

Investor Fact Sheet

Name: 4DMedical Limited
Incorporated: December 2012
Business Description: 4DMedical is a medical technology company based in Melbourne, Australia, established to commercialise four-dimensional lung imaging platform, XV Technology™
Listings: 4DMedical Limited (4DX) is listed on:
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Its securities are listed under
ASX code: 4DX

Registered Office: 'Melbourne Connect'
Level 7, 700 Swanston Street
Carlton VIC 3053

Telephone: +61 3 9545 5940
Board of Directors: Mr Bruce Rathie - Chairman & Non-Executive Director (independent)
Dr Andreas Fouras - Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer
Ms Lil Bianchi - Non-Executive Director (independent)
Ms Evonne Collier - Non-Executive Director (independent)
Dr Robert A. Figlin - Non-Executive Director (independent)
Mr John Livingston - Executive Director
Mr Julian Sutton - Non-Executive Director (non-independent)
Dr Geraldine McGinty - Non-Executive Director (non-independent)
Company Secretary: Ms Naomi Lawrie- Company Secretary
Website: www.4dmedical.comOpens in new window
Auditor: PKF Melbourne Audit & Assurance Pty Ltd
Level 12, 440 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Share Registry: Australia
Link Market Services
Level 12, 680 George Street
Sydney NSW 2000
Telephone: (02) 8280 7100 (within Australia)
+61 2 8280 7100 (outside Australia)